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Exam Code: 400-251 
Exam Name: Cisco CCIE Security Written Exam (v5.0)
Updated: Aug 09, 2017
Q&As: 452

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400-251 dumps

Refer to the exhibit. If you apply the given command to a Cisco device running IOS or IOS XE, which two
statements about connections to the HTTP server on the device are true?(Choose two)

400-251 dumps

A. The device will close each connection after 90 seconds even if a connection is actively processing a
B. Connections will close after 60 seconds without activity or 90 seconds with activity.
C. Connections will close after 60 seconds or as soon as the first request is processed.
D. When you apply the command , the device will immediately close any existing connections that have
been open for longer than 90 seconds.
E. Connections will close after 60 seconds without activity or as soon as the first request is processed.
400-251 exam Correct Answer: CE
What are the two technologies that support AFT? (Choose two)

C. NAT64
F. NAT-6to4
Correct Answer: AC
According to RFC 4890, which three message must be dropped at the transit firewall/router?(Choose
A. Router Renumbering(Type 138)
B. Node Information Query(Type 139)
C. Router Solicitation(Type 133)
D. Node information Response(Type
E. Router Advertisement(Type 134)
F. Neighbor Solicitation(Type 135)
400-251 dumps Correct Answer: ABD
Which two options are disadvantages of MPLS layers 3 VPN services? (choose two)
A. They requires cooperation with the service provider to implement transport of non-IP traffic.
B. SLAs are not supported by the service provider.
C. It requires customers to implement QoS to manage congestion in the network.
D. Integration between Layers 2 and 3 peering services is not supported.
E. They may be limited by the technology offered by the service provider.
F. They can transport only IPv6 routing traffic.
Correct Answer: DE
From the list below, which one is the major benefit of AMP Threat GRID?
A. AMP Threat Grid collects file information from customer servers and run tests on them to see if they are
infected with viruses
B. AMP Threat Grid learns ONLY from data you pass on your network and not from anything else to
monitor for suspicious behavior. This makes the system much faster and efficient
C. AMP Threat Grid combines Static, and Dynamic Malware analysis with threat intelligence into one
combined solution
D. AMP Threat Grid analyzes suspicious behavior in your network against exactly 400 behavioral
400-251 pdf Correct Answer: C
Which statement best describes the concepts of rootkits and privilege escalation?
A. Rootkits propagate themselves.
B. Privilege escalation is the result of a rootkit.
C. Rootkits are a result of a privilege escalation.
D. Both of these require a TCP port to gain access.
Correct Answer: B
Which two statements about PVLAN port types are true ? (Choose two)
A. A promiscuous port can send traffic to all ports within a broadcast domain
B. An isolated port can receive traffic t from promiscuous ports in any community on its Broadcast domain,
but can send traffic only to ports in its own community
C. An isolated port can send and receive traffic only to and from promiscuous ports
D. A community port can send traffic to promiscuous ports in other communities its Broadcast domain
E. A community port can send traffic to community ports in other communities its Broadcast domain
F. A promiscuous can send traffic to to community ports in other Broadcast domainS
400-251 vce Correct Answer: AC
On an ASA firewall in multiple context mode running version 8.X, what is the default number of VPN site
to-site tunnels per context?
A. 2 sessions
B. 4 sessions
C. 1 session
D. 0 sessions
Correct Answer: A
Which two options describe the main purpose of EIGRP authentication?(Choose two)
A. to allow faster convergence
B. to identify authorized peers
C. to provide redundancy
D. to provide routing updates confidentiality
E. to prevent injection of incorrect routing information
400-251 exam Correct Answer: BE
In a Cisco ASA multiple-context mode of operation configuration ,what three session types are resource
limited by default when their context is a member of the default class?(Choose three)
A. ASDM sessions
B. Telnet sessions
C. IPSec sessions
D. SSL VPN sessions
E. TCP sessions
F. SSH sessions
Correct Answer: ABF

On the MSTP network as shown in the figure, what is the role of the switch in MSTI 1 according to the
A. Root switch
B. Slave switch
C. Non-root switch
D. None of the above
400-251 dumps Correct Answer: A
As shown in the figure, which switch is the root switch according to the configuration?
D. None of the above
Correct Answer: A
If an MSTP switch detects that the neighboring switch works in RSTP mode, which mode does the MSTP
A. STP mode
B. RSTP mode
C. MSTP mode
D. All of the above
400-251 pdf Correct Answer: B
Which problems on a single spanning tree network can be solved by MSTP? (Select 3 Answers)
A. Traffic forwarding paths in some VLANs are faulty.
B. Traffic cannot be load balanced.
C. The second best path problem may occur.
D. The network reliability cannot be improved.
Correct Answer: ABC
According to the figure, what is the status of Ethernet1/0/13 in MSTI 1?
A. Forwarding
B. Discarding
C. Learning
D. None of the above
400-251 vce Correct Answer: B
In RSTP, which statements about the alternate port and backup port are true? (Select 2 Answers)
A. The alternate port is a backup of the root port.
B. The backup port is a backup of the designated port.
C. The switch that the backup port belongs to is not the designated switch on the network segment
connected to the interface.
D. The switch that the alternate port belongs to is the designated switch on the network segment
connected to the interface.
Correct Answer: AB
According to the MSTP protocol, each MST instance calculates an independent spanning tree by using the
RSTP algorithm.
A. True
B. False
400-251 exam Correct Answer: A
The following is the command output on a root switch of an MSTP region. How many switches are located
in the MSTP region?
A. Less than 10
B. Less than 20
C. Less than 30
D. Less than 40
Correct Answer: C
On the RSTP network with STP devices, which packets does an RSTP switch use to notify the STP
switches of the topology change?
A. RSTP BPDUs with the TC flag
B. STP BPDUs with the TCN flag
C. RSTP BPDUs with the TCA flag
D. STP BPDUs with the TCA flag
400-251 dumps Correct Answer: B
What are the same fields in RSTP BPDUs and STP BPDUs? (Select 2 Answers)
D. All of the above
Correct Answer: BC

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