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You work as a network consultant. You are designing a network for Certkiller, Inc.
What is the first task that you should perform when documenting Certkiller ‘s requirements and their existing environment of the network design project?
A. Assess the cost of the design project.
B. Identify applications, both planned and installed.
C. Identify their security requirements.
D. Identify their business constraints.
E. Assess their business goals.

Correct Answer: E
You are the technician at Certkiller and received an instruction to compile a technical report. Hence you document the routers on the network.
Which of the following items will you include in your report? (Choose Three)
A. Interface loads
B. Interface configurations
C. Interface error statistics
D. Router software revision
E. Interface load requirements
F. Router power requirements

Correct Answer: BCD
*EXHIBIT MISSING* Will be provided in later versions. What topology is represented in the above exhibit?
A. High-level topology map of the customer’s current network.
B. High-level topology map of the customer’s proposed e-mail packet flow.
C. High-level topology map that meets the customer’s requirements.
D. High-level topology map of the customer’s proposed intranet security system.

Correct Answer: A
Which two layers of the OSI model should have a topology map furnished in the Draft Design Document? (Choose Two)
A. Physical
B. Data link
C. Session
D. Application
E. Network
F. Transport

Correct Answer: AE
Which two closely related items does a Draft Design Document require that directly influence the network design? (Choose Two)
A. Customer input
B. Traffic analysis
C. Design requirements
D. Existing network infrastructure
E. Logical topology map
F. Physical topology map

Correct Answer: AC
You are a network consultant, you are contracted by Certkiller , Inc. to subnet their network. Before you make any changes to the network, you must document the current network.
What should you include in this documentation? (Choose Three)
A. Addressing schemes.
B. Concerns about the network.
C. Protocol analysis.
D. Network topology.
E. Computer names.

Correct Answer: ABD
You are a network administrator at Certkiller . You have been instructed to design IPv6 into a network that runs on IPv4.
Which of the following strategies will permit the two address schemes to coexist while the migration is underway? (Select Two)
A. Deploy stateful addressing assignments.
B. Encapsulate IPv6 packets into IPv4 packets.
C. Construct a bridge between the IPv6 and the IPv4 networks.
D. Configure translation from one protocol into the other.
E. Enable anycast capabilities in the routing protocol.

Correct Answer: BD
One of Certkiller ‘s customers wants to monitor the activities on all the end systems in her house via remote access. Her house consists of a large mansion that has IP enabled end-systems such as appliances, video cameras, security systems, light switches as well as heating systems. This network is connected to the Internet continually through ADSL and employs Network Address Translation (NAT). She wants some advice as to which IP addressing system would be most suitable for all the end systems in her house.
What will you tell her?
A. Public IPv4 addresses
B. Micro-IP addresses
C. Public IPv6 addresses
D. A combination of IPv6 and Micro IP addresses.
E. Private IPv4 addresses
F. A combination of Private and Public IPv4 addresses
G. Private IPv6 addresses

Correct Answer: E
The Internet Service Provider assigned an IPv6 address range to Certkiller Ltd. However, Certkiller has decided to use the IPv6 addresses internally only and access the Internet via port address translation (PAT).
Which of the following would Certkiller need for their domain Name Servers DNS)?
A. DNS servers would be obsolete.
B. Their DNS servers must be configured to support only IPv4 addresses.
C. Their DNS servers must be configured to support both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
D. Their DNS servers must be configured to support only IPv6 addresses.
E. No changes to the DNS servers are necessary.
F. More DNS servers are needed in the network to support the IPv6 addresses only.

Correct Answer: C
The translation of private addresses into registered IP addresses are permitted by which of the following Cisco IOS features? (Choose the correct option.)
A. Cisco Address Translation
B. Network Address Translation
C. Local Address Registration
D. Cisco Address Registration
E. Global Address Registration

Correct Answer: B
In which of the following network is the IP address a valid host address that can be assigned to a workstation?
A. /23
B. /24
C. /24
D. /25
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following fields are associated with an IPv6 packet? (Choose Four)
A. Header Length
B. Payload Length
C. Header Checksum
D. Traffic Class
E. Destination Address
F. Version
Correct Answer: BDEF QUESTION 62
Which of the following is NOT a step in designing Network layer addressing and naming?
A. Developing a plan for configuring user station addresses.
B. Designing a method for mapping Geographic Locations to network numbers.
C. Designing route summarization.
D. Proposing a method for mapping geographical locations to router clusters.
E. Designing a hierarchy for addressing.
F. Designing a scheme for naming servers, routers, and user stations.

Correct Answer: D
Which of the following protocols is responsible for IP address to MAC address resolution?

Correct Answer: A
What is the shortest notation of the IPv6 address 1080:0000:0000:0000:0008:0000:0000:200C?
A. 1080::8::200C
B. 1080::0:8::0:200C
C. 1080:0:0:0:0008:0:0:200C
D. 1080::8:0:0:200C
E. 1080:0:0:0:8::200C
F. 1080:0:0:0:8:0:0:200C

Correct Answer: D
You are a network technician at Certkiller . Certkiller ‘s IP addressing requirements exceed the public class C address range assigned to the company. Therefore, you have implemented private addressing. You now want to provide all Certkiller users with simultaneous access to the Internet.
Which mechanism would allow you to do this?
A. Translate using static NAT.
B. Translate using dynamic NAT.
C. Implement VLANs.
D. Secondary IP network.
E. None of the above.
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following does not fall within an IPv6 address scope?
A. Unicast
B. Broadcast
C. Anycast
D. Multicast
E. None of the above.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 67
Your newly appointed Certkiller trainee wants to know how IPv6 manages to achieve subnetworking. What will your reply be?
A. Subnetworks are assigned by Public Authorities such as Internet Service Providers
B. Subnetworking is not permitted in IPv6
C. Site Level Aggregator in IPv6 addresses
D. IPv4 compatible IPv6 addresses
E. All of the above

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 68
Which statement represents an accurate description of IPv6 address route summarization?
A. IPv6 addresses must be converted to IPv4 addresses to facilitate router summarization
B. IPv6 address have default router summarization abilities based on Top level aggregators, Next Level aggregators and Site Level aggregators
C. Classless inter domain routing (CIDR) for IPv6 perform route summarization by default
D. IPv6 address is unable to use route summarization
E. The routers in the IPv6 network use proprietary protocols to optimize router summarization based on the size of their routing tables

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 69
What impact does IPv6 have on the BGP protocol?
A. There is a new version of BGP for IPv6
B. Hosts convert BGP to IS-IS for IPv6
C. Routers convert BGP to IS-IS for IPv6
D. There is no change to BGP for IPv4 and IPv6
E. BGP cannot be used with IPv6

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 70
Which strategy allows IPv4 and IPv6 address schemes to coexist and facilitates a migration from IPv4 to IPv6? (Select One)
A. A bridge between the IPv6 and the IPv4 networks.
B. Deploy stateless addressing assignments.
C. Run Ipv6 and Ipv4 stacks on all devices.
D. Enable anycast capability in the routing protocol

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 71
Which of the following statements describe the use of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) for the assignment of Ipv6 addresses?
A. DHCP is one of the ways for dynamic Ipv6 address assignment.
B. DHCP is the only way for dynamic Ipv6 address assignment.
C. DHCP cannot assign Ipv6 addresses.
D. DHCP servers can only assign Ipv4 compatible Ipv6 addresses.
E. DHCP servers can only assign Ipv4 mapped Ipv6 addresses.

Correct Answer: A
You are a network administrator at Certkiller and have been instructed to propose a network design. The Certkiller IT manager wants you to describe route summarization to the trainees.
Which of the following statements would you use to describe route summarization as best possible?
A. Using one Class A IP address to reduce routing table size in the routers.
B. Grouping multiple contiguous networks and advertising as one large network.
C. Rendering the use of subnetworks obsolete will enhance routing performance.
D. Advertising a singular IP network to simplify routing table maintenance.
E. Load sharing between the organization’s routers and the ISP’s routers.

Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 73 is an international corporation whose network consists of more than 2,000,000 hosts and more than 10,000 routers internally. There is connectivity to the Internet and high volumes of traffic with business partners and the general public is at the order of the day. A decision was taken to start employing IPv6.
Which of the following statements would best describe a flexible IPv6 strategy for this international corporation?
A. IPv4 hosts with IPv6 routers.
B. Dual stack hosts with dual stack routers
C. Ipv6 hosts with Ipv6 routers
D. Dual stack hosts with Ipv4 routers
E. Ipv6 hosts with Ipv4 routers
Correct Answer: B
Study the Exhibit below carefully:

Illustrated above is a router that is summarizing the networks on the left as it advertises them to the
singular network on the right. Which summarization route will be advertised?

Correct Answer: A
You are a network administrator at Certkiller and have been instructed to provide the new tenant in your building with a unique VLAN. There are two other workgroups with 80 users respectively present at this site. Both these groups have a subnet out of a Class B address with a subnet mask of The new tenant will start with 18 users with the potential to move up to 24 users. EIGRP is routing protocol in use.
To assure efficient IP addressing that will satisfy the new tenants’ requirements which subnet mask will you use?

Correct Answer: C
Which Ipv6 address type achieves the same purpose as an IPv4 range of private IP addresses, where organizations can use it freely without having to consult with any external IP address assigning authority?
A. Global Aggregatable IPv6 addresses
B. Ipv4 mapped Ipv6 addresses
C. Site Local addresses
D. Anycastaddresses
E. Link Local addresses
F. Unicast addresses

Correct Answer: C
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