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Refer to the exhibit. HostB is sending a file to HostA. B represents the frame as it leaves the Oshawa router. What is the Layer 2 destination address of the frame at this point?

A. abcd.1123.0045
B. abcd.1234.5678
C. abcd.2246.0035
D. abcd.4444.0012
E. aabb.5555.2222

Correct Answer: D
When files are transferred between a host and an FTP server, the data is divided into smaller pieces for transmission. As these pieces arrive at the destination host, they must be reassembled to reconstruct the original file. What provides for the reassembly of these pieces into the correct order?
A. the TTL in the IP header
B. the frame check sequence in the Ethernet frame trailer
C. the sequence number in the TCP header
D. the Start Frame Delimiter in the 802.3 Preamble
E. the acknowledgement number in the segment header

Correct Answer: C
What is the maximum number of IP addresses that can be assigned to hosts on a local subnet that uses the subnet mask?
A. 14
B. 15
C. 16
D. 30
E. 31
F. 32

Correct Answer: D
Refer to the output of the three router commands shown in the exhibit.A new technician has been told to add a new LAN to the company router. Why has the technician received the error message that is shown following the last command?

A. The interface was already configured.
B. The interface type does not exist on this router platform.
C. The IOS software loaded on the router is outdated.
D. The router does not support LAN interfaces that use Ethernet.
E. The command was entered from the wrong prompt.

Correct Answer: B
The following commands are entered on the router:
Burbank(config)# enable secret fortress Burbank(config)# line con 0 Burbank(config-line)# login Burbank(config-line)# password n0way1n Burbank(config-line)# exit Burbank(config)# service password-encryption
What is the purpose of the last command entered?
A. to require the user to enter an encrypted password during the login process
B. to prevent the vty, console, and enable passwords from being displayed in plain text in the configuration files
C. to encrypt the enable secret password
D. to provide login encryption services between hosts attached to the router

Correct Answer: B
Refer to the exhibit. If host A sends an IP packet to host B, what will the source physical address be in the frame when it reaches host B?

C. A1:A1:A1:A1:A1:A1
D. B2:B2:B2:B2:B2:B2
E. C3:C3:C3:C3:C3:C3
F. D4:D4:D4:D4:D4:D4

Correct Answer: E
What determines the IOS that the router will load?
A. the configuration register and the setup command
B. the configuration register and boot system commands
C. the load register and the startup system command
D. the boot register and the startup system command
E. the start up register and startup system command

Correct Answer: B
A receiving host has failed to receive all of the segments that it should acknowledge. What can the host do to improve the reliability of this communication session?
A. decrease the window size
B. use a different source port for the session
C. decrease the sequence number
D. obtain a new IP address from the DHCP server
E. start a new session using UDP

Correct Answer: A
A network administrator is connecting PC hosts A and B directly through their Ethernet interfaces as shown in the graphic. Ping attempts between the hosts are unsuccessful. What can be done to provide connectivity between the hosts? (Choose two.)

A. A crossover cable should be used in place of the straight-through cable.
B. A rollover cable should be used in place of the straight-through cable
C. The subnet masks should be set to
D. A default gateway needs to be set on each host.
E. The hosts must be reconfigured to use private IP addresses for direct connections of this type.
F. The subnet masks should be set to

Correct Answer: AF
Refer to the exhibit. A network technician is troubleshooting a connectivity problem between two routers. The technician has established a console session with RouterA, checked the interface status, and verified that the IP address is correct. However, the technician is unable to telnet to RouterB, which is located offsite, to troubleshoot the problem. Which command can the technician issue on RouterA to verify the IP address of the RouterB serial interface?

A. show arp
B. show cdp neighbors
C. show controllers serial
D. show interfaces serial 0/1
E. show cdp neighbors detail

Correct Answer: E
The routers in the diagram are being used to prototype a WAN. The two routers are interconnected with back-to-back cables between their serial interfaces. How should the serial interface of the Test1 router be configured to establish Layer 3 connectivity between the two routers?

A. Test1(config)#interface serial 3 Test1(config-if)# ip address Test1(config-if)# clock rate 64000 Test1(config-if)# no shutdown
B. Test1(config)#interface serial 3 Test1(config-if)# ip address Test1(config-if)# clock rate 64000
C. Test1(config)#interface serial 3 Test1(config-if)# clock rate 64000 Test1(config-if)# no shutdown
D. Test1(config)#interface serial 3 Test1(config-if)# ip address Test1(config-if)# no shutdown
Correct Answer: D


Correct Answer:
lab Shore(config)# interface eth0 Shore(config-if)# ip address Shore(config-if)# no shutdown Shore(config-if)# exit Shore(config)# interface ser0 Shore(config-if)# ip address Shore(config-if)# no shutdown Shore(config-if)# exit Shore(config)# router rip Shore(config-router)# network Shore(config-router)# end Shore# copy run start A.


Correct Answer:
A router is not operating as expected and the network administrator wants to verify that the router booted using the correct IOS image. Which command should be used to determine which IOS is running on the router?
A. show flash
B. show version
C. show memory
D. show startup-config
E. show config-register
Correct Answer: B
drag drop A.


Correct Answer:
A network associate needs to configure a router by connecting a remote computer to the router through the router auxiliary port. Which two statements describe the hardware required to make the connection to the router? (Choose two.)
A. The auxiliary port must be connected to a modem.
B. The auxiliary port must be connected to an Ethernet LAN.
C. The technician needs an Ethernet transceiver.
D. The technician needs an RJ-45 to DB25 adapter.

Correct Answer: AD
An elementary school has a computer in every classroom. One entire wing of the school connects to a centrally located hub. The teachers have reported a slowdown in the past few weeks to the network administrator. The network administrator has analyzed the network and documented a steep increase in utilization as the teachers use a new network-based classroom management application. Which solution will improve the performance the most?
A. Replace the hub with a switch.
B. Install a repeater in the affected wing.
C. Reboot the router that connects to the hub.
D. Install a router and install another hub in the affected wing.
E. Ensure all devices in the affected wing have a default gateway.

Correct Answer: A
What two commands can be used to view the amount of memory that is used to hold the router IOS? (Choose two.)
A. Router# show flash
B. Router# show version
C. Router# show memory
D. Router# show flash memory
E. Router# show running-config

Correct Answer: AB
An administrator cannot connect from R1 to R2. To troubleshoot this problem, the administrator has entered the command shown in the exhibit. Based on the output shown, what could be the problem?

A. The serial interface is configured for half duplex.
B. The serial interface does not have a cable attached.
C. The serial interface has the wrong type of cable attached.
D. The serial interface is configured for the wrong frame size.
E. The serial interface has a full buffer.

Correct Answer: C
Which command displays the status of the network layer protocols active on a router?
A. show stacks
B. show protocols
C. show version
D. show flash
E. show network protocols

Correct Answer: B
How does a switch differ from a hub?
A. A switch does not induce any latency into the frame transfer time.
B. A switch tracks MAC addresses of directly-connected devices.
C. A switch operates at a lower, more efficient layer of the OSI model.
D. A switch decreases the number of broadcast domains.
E. A switch decreases the number of collision domains.
Correct Answer: B


Correct Answer:
Which IP address is a private address?

Correct Answer: C
Refer to the graphic. A network administrator is having trouble with a serial interface and has attempted to view its status with a show command as shown in the graphic. Why was the error message displayed?

A. The command cannot be entered in this router mode.
B. The interface designation must be typed as “s0/0”.
C. Part of the command is missing.
D. There is no serial 0/0 interface on the router.
E. The status of serial interfaces cannot be viewed with a show command.

Correct Answer: C
drag drop


Correct Answer:

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