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Which two features would best improve “write” performance on a single FCIP tunnel over a 10 Mbps WAN with high delay?
A. Increase Buffer-to-buffer credits on FCIP interfaces
B. High-comp-ratio compression
C. FCIP Port Channel
D. Ethernet port channel
E. Write Acceleration

Correct Answer: BE
What must be eliminated to make migration of storage with a HP-UX host non-disruptive?
A. Changes to Host name
B. Speed changes to Host
C. FC_ID changes to the Host port
D. FC_ID changes to the Target port
E. Default zone deny

Correct Answer: D
What is the correct order (from lowest to highest) of the layers of the Fibre Channel protocol? 1 = Physical 2 = Mapping to ULP 3 = Common Services 4 = Signaling Protocol 5 = Encoding/decoding
A. 1,5,4,3,2
B. 1,4,5,3,2
C. 1,4,5,2,3
D. 1,3,4,5,2
E. 1,5,2,3,4
Correct Answer: A
FC timers E_D_TOV, R_A_TOV and D_S_TOV:
A. Can be set to be different for each VSAN
B. Can be changed only for the entire switch and not VSANs
C. Only R_A_TOV timer can be set for individual VSANS
D. Cannot be changed
E. Can be set only on IVR enabled switches
Correct Answer: A
Select the TRUE statement regarding FCIP compression:
A. Compression is configured per tunnel.
B. Compression must be enabled at both ends of an FCIP tunnel.
C. Compression has 3 modes, high-throughput, high-compression, and high-bandwidth.
D. Compression is performed by the MDS Active supervisor prior to transmission on the GE port.
E. Compression requires an Enterprise license.

Correct Answer: A
You currently have a Solaris host that is accessing a JBOD that is connected to the same switch. The Solaris host is logging I/O errors with writes to the JBOD. You want to find out the cause of the I/O errors by analyzing the traffic between the host and the JBOD. To do this you setup FCAnalyzer to run locally on the switch. However, when you setup FCAnalyzer to capture traffic you do not see any traffic between the host and the JBOD. What is a possible cause?
A. Only FCAnalyzer remote can capture traffic between 2 device ports.
B. The source and/or destination of the FCAnalyzer traffic was not defined.
C. The FCanalyzer can only capture control traffic and not data traffic.
D. The FCanalyzer is not used for capturing traffic.

Correct Answer: C
The running configuration can be copied to any filename, without specifying the destination file as “startup-config”. What statement is true with the command “copy running-config myconfig.txt”?
A. file “myconfig.txt” will be saved on bootflash:myconfig.txt
B. file “myconfig.txt” will be saved in /mnt/cfg/1/ascii/myconfig.txt
C. file “myconfig.txt” will overwrite the “startup-config”
D. file “myconfig.txt” will be save in /volatile:myconfig.txt
E. file “myconfig.txt” will be saved in nvram as myconfig.txt

Correct Answer: D
FCID 0x600000 is not a valid FCID in what interop mode?
A. MDS Native Mode
B. Interop Mode 1
C. Interop Mode 2
D. Interop Mode 3
E. It is valid in all modes.
Correct Answer: B
Which statements are true?
A. Fabric Logins are sent to destination FCID 0xFFFFFA.
B. Name Server Logins are sent to destination FCID 0xFFFFFD.
C. FSPF HLO packets are sent from source FCID 0xFFFFFD.
D. FCID 0xFFFFFA is reserved for the Management Server.
E. Fabric Logins are sent to destination FCID 0xFFFFFC.
Correct Answer: CD
Given a new switch and just powering up the system. What is the default SNMP userid and password?
A. admin/password
B. admin/admin123
C. cisco/cisco
D. admin/admin
E. None of the above

Correct Answer: E
Cisco Catalyst 6500 Multilayer LAN Switches FCIP Links Workstation MDS 9000 Cisco Catalyst 6500 Multilayer LAN Switches FCIP Links Workstation MDS 9000 Assume that all the Cat6Ks in the exhibit above are connected to the MDS 9000 IPS blades and the workstation in the picture is connected to the same Cat6k network. Can the workstation act as a management station for the MDS 9000s?

A. Yes, because it has IP connectivity to the MDS 9000 through the FCIP endpoints configured on the MDS 9000s (through the Gigabit Ethernet interfaces on the IPS modules)
B. Yes, but only if IPFC is configured as well on the MDS 9000 switches
C. No, the TCP/IP traffic is terminated on the IPS blade itself, so the workstation would not be able to communicate with the MDS 9000 supervisors to be able to manage them
D. Yes, but only if IVR is configured on the MDS 9000
E. Yes, if the VLAN configuration on the Cat6k matches the VSAN configuration on the MDS 9000, and the Workstation is configured as part of the management VLAN

Correct Answer: C
What is the function of the Link Reset Protocol within the Link Control Facility?
A. It is part of the LIP process.
B. It is used only for Class 1 connection removal.
C. It is used to arbitrate on a loop to recover from loss of sync
D. It follows a Link Failure and controls NOS and LOS substates.
E. It follows a link timeout or connection error and controls LR and LRR substates.

Correct Answer: E QUESTION 67
Click the Exhibit button. In the Exhibit, one interface is in a degraded state because the trunk is not fully active. What interface is in the degraded state?

A. 1/1
B. 1/4
C. 1/5
D. 2/15
E. 2/2

Correct Answer: C
The committee responsible for the production and overseeing of Fibre Channel standards is:
C. T11
D. T10
E. None of the above

Correct Answer: C
What is the correct FCID for the CUP device, given the following command: fcdomain domain static vsan 20 and all other options set to default?
A. 0x20FE00
B. 0x20FEFE
C. 0x200000
D. 0x14FFFF
E. 0x14FE00
Correct Answer: E
What statement is NOT correct for Inter Vsan Routing?
A. When using the IVR feature, all border switches in a given fabric must be Cisco MDS switches.
B. Non-MDS switches may be present in the transit VSAN(s) if the interop mode 1 option is enabled.
C. IVR is not supported in any interop modes.
D. Inter-VSAN control traffic that is allowed includes Switch-to-Switch FSPF routing information.
E. On Cisco MDS 9000 switches you can configure up to 200 IVZs and 2000 IVZ members.

Correct Answer: C
Which apply to the Error Detection Timeout value (E_D_TOV)?
A. It is a timer, by default 100ms, used by the receiver logic to detect Loss-of-Synchronization.
B. It is a timer, by default 2 seconds, used for detecting a protocol error condition.
C. It is a timer used as the timeout value for determining when to reinstate a Recovery Qualifier.
D. During the Fabric Login, E_D_TOV is negotiated between the N_Port and the Fabric as one of the Common Service Parameters exchanged.
E. An action should be taken in less than the E_D_TOV period after the transmission of consecutive Data frames within a single sequence.

Correct Answer: BDE
You have a storage array connected to interface fc1/5 that has LUN masking enabled. You want to be able to see all the LUNs configured behind this port using the MDS “discover scsi-target local os linux lun” command. What command will give you the PWWN you need to use to configure the storage array so that the “show scsi-target lun” command will display the LUNs?
A. show wwn switch
B. show interface fc1/5
C. show scsi-target internal driver
D. sho flogi database interface fc1/5
E. show scsi-target pwwn

Correct Answer: E
What is the main purpose for Loop Initialization Protocol?
A. For indicating an open in the loop and to do a bypass
B. Sent by fabric controller to determine if loop is attached
C. To initialize a loop and send SCN
D. To initialize a loop E. To reset the loop by sending AP_PD

Correct Answer: D
When a port channel that is trunking a given VSAN is quiesced, frames are lost. What can be inferred about this VSAN?
B. In-Order Delivery is enabled for the VSAN.
C. QoS is enabled for the VSAN.
D. Exchange-based load balancing is configured for the VSAN.
E. Flow-based load balancing is configured for the VSAN.
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