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Which of the following comparison of Control Plane Policing (CoPP) with Receive ACL(Racl) is correct?
A. CoPP protects against IP spoofing;Racl protects against DoS attacks.
B. CoPP can not use named access lists;Racl can use named access lists
C. CoPP applies to a dedicated control plane interface;Racl applies to all interfaces.
D. CoPP needs a AAA server,Racl does not need a AAA server
E. CoPP supports rate limits;Racl does not support rate limits
Correct Answer: CE
What best describes the usage of Route-Target rewrite?
A. None of the above.
B. Route-Target Rewrite is mainly used in Inter-AS MPLS-VPN deployments and is configured at the PE router in originating AS ASBR to avoid misconfiguration in Route-Target assignment for VPN configurations.
C. Route-Target Rewrite is mainly used in Inter-AS MPLS-VPN deployments and is configured at the ASBR to avoid misconfiguration in Route-Target assignment for VPN configurations.
D. Route-Target Rewrite is mainly used in Inter-AS MPLS-VPN deployments and is configured at the Route-Reflector in originating AS ASBR to avoid misconfiguration in Route-Target assignment for VPN configurations.

Correct Answer: C
Which of the following are steps to configure destination-based Remote Triggered Black Hole(RTBH) filtering?(choose three)
A. Configure OSPF between trigger router and black hole routes
B. Configure all edge routers with static (reserved) host route to Null0
C. Configure BGP beteen trigger and black hole routers.
D. Configure on trigger router to advertise victim host route with commumity
E. Activate black hole by redistributing route for victim into BGP with next-hop set to the static(reserved) host route configured on edge routers.

Correct Answer: BCE
According to RFC 3931,L2TPv3 utilizes the IANA assigned IP protocol ID of:
A. 121
B. 115
C. 110
D. 101
E. 151
F. 51

Correct Answer: B
When IPv6 is deployed by a Service Provider to bring on an IPv6 Enterprise, which transition strategy works the best?
A. Deploy IPv6 at the Edges and tunnel Enterprise through the core
B. Deploy IPv6 at Edges and Core at the same time for smooth transition
C. Deploy IPv6 at the core first and then move to Edges toward the end customer
D. None of the above will work
Correct Answer: A
Which methods would enable traffic to be forwarded along an MPLS TE tunnel (Choose 4)
A. MP-BGP routing
B. Static routing
C. Policy routing
D. Autoroute
E. Forwarding adjacency

Correct Answer: BCDE
Which of the following descriptions about IP spoofing is correct?
A. IP source address is forged
B. IP destination address is forged
C. IP TCP source port is forged
D. IP TCP destination port is forged
E. None of above

Correct Answer: A
SONET’s three layers are:
A. Section
B. Line
C. Frame
D. Path
E. DS1

Correct Answer: ABD
With the DSCP value fo “101110”, what does the “11” in bits 1 and 2 indicate ?
A. AF Class
B. Drop Probability
C. CS(Class Selector Value )
D. PHB (Per-Hop Behavior )
E. IP Precedence
F. Queue Depth

Correct Answer: B
What are the benefits of using TCAM technology in high-end routing products ?
A. Lower power consumption
B. Lower maintenance cost
C. Simplified configuration
D. Deterministic performance
E. Longer uptime
Correct Answer: DE
Which two statements are correct?
A. A VC type 5 tunnels an Ethernet port over MPLS.
B. A VC type 4 transports a VLAN over MPLS.
C. A VC type 5 transports a VLAN over MPLS.
D. A VC type 4 tunnels an Ethernet port over MPLS.
Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 72
Which of the following technologies can improve convergence time following a link failure in a service provider network?

Correct Answer: C
Which of the following statemets regarding Control Plane Policing (CoPP) is correct?
A. Control Plane Policing (CoPP) addresses the need to protect the management planes, ensuring routing stability, availability, and critical packet delivery.
B. Control Plane Policing (CoPP) leverages MQC to define traffic classification criteria and to specify configurable policy actions for the classified traffic.
C. Control Plane Policing (CoPP) uses a dedicated “control-plane” command via the Modular QoS CLI (MQC) to provide filtering and rate limiting capabilities.
D. Control Plane Policing (CoPP) uses “service policy” command under relevant interfaces to filter DOS packet to protect routing packets.
E. Control Plane Policing (CoPP) protects the transit management and data traffic through the router.

Correct Answer: ABC
Which two statements are correct with regard to route distinguisher as defined in RFC 4364-AKA IP-VPN (MPLS-VPN)?
A. The configuration to define Route-Distinguisher is Ip vrf bulle Rd 1:1
B. A route distinguisher can be imported and exported to and from a VRF
C. Route-Distinguisher is an 8 byte BGP attribute value used in influencing BGP best path algorithm.
D. Route-Distinguisher is an 8 byte value used in creating unique VPNv4 address.
Correct Answer: AD
Which two statemets are true?
A. DPT/RPR uses a bi-directional ring consisting of two symmetric counter rotating fibre rings.
B. DPT/RPR is defined in the IEEE 802.17 standard and it uses Token Bucket system to avoid collisions on the fiber.
C. In DPT/RPR rings, data packets can be sent in one direction (downstream) and the corresponding control packets in the opposite direction (upstream), thus using both fibres concurrently to maximise bandwidth.
D. DPT/RPR can be deployed in the Core of the SP networks where point-to-point POS links are used to make best use of the Bandwidth.
Correct Answer: AC
Which statements about MPLS Label Distribution Protocol(LDP) are valid?
A. LDP hello packets are sent to UDP port 646
B. LDP hello packets are sent to TCP port 711
C. LDP sessions are TCP sessions to port 646
D. LDP sessions are TCP sessions to port 711
E. LDP establishes a peer relationship with another router that must be directly attached.
F. LDP can establishes a peer relationship with another router that is not directly attached

Correct Answer: ACF
How would you characterize the source and type in a denial of service attack on a router?
A. By perfornubg a show ip interface to see the type and source of the attack based upon the access-list matches
B. By performing a show interface to see the transmitted load “txload” and receive load “rxload” ;if the interface utilization is not maxed out ,there is no attack underway
C. By setting up an access-list to permit all ICMP ,TCP ,and UDP traffic with the log or log-input commands , then use the show access-list and show log commands to determine the type and source of attack
D. By applying an access-list to all incoming and outgoing interfaces,turning off route-cache on all interfaces, then,when telnetting into the router perform a debug IP packet detail

Correct Answer: C
In the context of GMPLS,LMP stands for;
A. Loop Management Protocol
B. Label Management Protocol
C. Load Management Protocol
D. Link Management Protocol
E. None of above

Correct Answer: D
Which of the following statements is correct regarding PIM Sparse Mode operations?
A. It does not support all underlying unicast routing protocols like GBP
B. It supports shared trees only assuming all hosts want the multicast traffic
C. Receivers are ???registered??? with RP by their first-hop router
D. Receivers are ???joined??? to the Shared Tree (rooted the rp ) by their local Designated Router (DR)
E. From the RP, traffic flows down a Source Tree to each receiver

Correct Answer: D
Select two valid administratively scoped multicast addresses in networks running Interior Gateway protocols like EIGRP and OSPF

Correct Answer: AB
In which of the following lists of APS Action Requests is the priority correctly arranged from lowest to highest?
A. Wait-to-Restore, Forced Switch, Manual Switch, Lockout of Protection.
B. Manual Switch, Wait-to-Restore, Lockout of Protection, Forced Switch.
C. Lockout of Protection, Forced Switch, Manual Switch, Wait-to-Restore
D. Lockout of Protection, Manual Switch, Forced Switch, Wait-to-Restore
E. Wait-to-Restore, Manual Switch, Forced Switch, Lockout of Protection
F. Wait-to-Restore, Manual Switch, Lockout of Protection, Forced Switch

Correct Answer: E
What is the action of “pop” in the context of MPLS switching?
A. It removes the top label in the MPLS label stack.
B. It adds a top label in MPLS label stack.
C. It replaces the top label in the MPLS label stack with another value.
D. It replaces the top label in the MPLS label stack with a set of labels.
E. None of above.

Correct Answer: A
What is the encapsulation mode for MPLS running on Ethernet?
A. Packet mode.
B. Frame mode
C. Transparent mode.
D. Channel mode
E. Tunnel mode.

Correct Answer: B
The show ip ospf database external command displays information about which OSPF LSA type?
A. LSA type 1
B. LSA type 2
C. LSA type 7
D. LSA type 3
E. LSA type 9
F. LSA type 5
Correct Answer: F
The mechanisms for distributing LDP are:
C. CEF and the FIB table
D. UDP and IP
E. A and B
Correct Answer: A
Which two statements are true about RPF checks in MSDP(Multicast Source Discovery Protocol)?
A. It prevents message looping, Session Advertisement (SA) messages must be RPF checked.
B. RPF check should be done against the route to the Rendez-vous Point of the corresponding PIM-SM domain, which originated the SA.
C. RPF checking Session Advertisement (SA) messages will cause message looping.
D. RPF check should be done against the route to the source S of the corresponding PIM-SM domain.

Correct Answer: AB
BGP best route selection process is based on what ?
A. lowest cost
B. highest bandwidth
C. lowest hop-count
D. path attributes
E. lowest delay

Correct Answer: D
Pick the 4 valid ATM Cell Header fields:
A. GFC-4 bits of generic flow control
B. Forward-explicit congestion notification(FECN)
C. VCI-16 bits of virtual channel identifier
D. CLP-1 bit of congestion loss
E. HEC-8 bit of header error control
F. ATM Discard Eligibility(DE) bit

Correct Answer: ACDE
A network administrator wants to detect a login attack against a router. What IOS command can make the attack recorded in syslog server?
A. Logging detect fail-login
B. Login on-failure log
C. Login detect login-failure log
D. Logging login on-failure
E. none of the above

Correct Answer: B
In Multicast VPN (MVPN) implementations, which two of the following statements are regarding the Default MDT Group? (Choose two.)
A. It is used for PIM control traffic.
B. It is optionally configured for a high bandwidth multicast source to reduce multicast traffic replication to uninterested PE routers.
C. Within the VPF configuration in the PE router, multiple Default MDT groups are configured so each VPF can support multiple multicast sources.
D. There is a reduced multicast state in the MPLS core P routers.
E. When multicast traffic exceeds a certain configured threshold, traffic from the Data MDT is switched to the Default MDT to conserve bandwidth.

Correct Answer: AD
VoIP bearer traffic is typically marked to which DSCP value ?
A. cs3
B. cs7
C. ef
D. af41
E. af31
F. 0 (default )

Correct Answer: C
In which of the following BGP-related events is an End-of-RIB (EOR) message sent?
A. Following a link flap in the BGP speaker’s AS
B. During initial convergence.
C. Following a Route Processor Switchover.
D. Just before sending a CEASE message to tear down the session.
E. During capability negotiation

Correct Answer: BC
Select the statement that best describes ??? The cure for Amplification Principle ??? in the Internet domain, as explained in RFC 3429 (Internet Architectural Guidelines )
A. Amplification is prevented if global changes have only a local effect as opposed to systems in which global changes have a local effect
B. Amplification is prevented if local changes have only a local effect as opposed to system in which local change have a global effect
C. Internet domain does not suffer from ??? The Amplification Principle ??? as BGP takes care of misbehaving advertisers
D. None of the above
Correct Answer: B
Which option describes the incorrect usage of the Label Distribution method?
A. LDP is primarily used in internal networks of MPLS-VPN providers.
B. MP-BGP is used for label distribution for VPN customer routes.
C. Directed LDP is used for label distribution in L2-VPN Attachement Circuits.
D. MP-BGP is used for label distribution in MPLS Traffic Engineered networks.
Correct Answer: D
Identify the differences of option 10A, as opposed to option 10C, for interAS vpn offerings. For option 10A
A. Greater scalability is offered
B. The ASBR holds VPNv4 routes
C. Relative technical simplicity is offered
D. Lower relative security is offered
E. Multihop E-BGP between ASBRs is utilized
F. Better suitability for InterProvider VPNs is provided

Correct Answer: BCF QUESTION 96
RFC 3270 describes Differentiated Services (Diff-Serv) over Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks. Which model alters Differentiated Services (Diff-Serv) code points set in different Differentiated Services (Diff-Serv) domain?
A. Uniform model
B. Pipe Model
C. Short Pipe
D. None of the above will alter Differentiated Services (Diff-Serv) code points set in different Differentiated Services (Diff-Serv) domain.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 97
Which two statements best describe EtherChannel?
A. EtherChannel technology helps aggregate traffic grouping multiple,full-duplex point-to-point links together
B. EtherChannel technology is based on the 802.1 IEEE stand
C. EtherChannel can aggregate up to 800 Mbps,8 Gbps,or Gbps of aggregate bandwidth for a Fast EtherChannel,Gigabit EtherChannel,or 10 Gigabit EtherChannel connection respectively.
D. EtherChannel is defined for Rapid Spanning Tree for faster convergence.

Correct Answer: AC QUESTION 98
When configuring Multicast VPN (MVPN) over an MPLS core, both the Default and Data MDT is configured under which configuration mode?
A. router(config)#
B. router(config-if)#
C. router(config-vrf)#
D. router(config-router)#
E. router(config-router-af)#

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 99
Which three choices are BGP Extended communities used in MPLS-VPN deployment?
A. Site Of Origin SOO
B. Route-Target
C. Route-Distinguisher
D. Domain Identifier BGP extended commumity

Correct Answer: ABD QUESTION 100
Which of the following is a correct arrangement of APS Action Requests in order of priority, with highest priority first?
A. Lockout of Protection, Manual Switch, SD, Forced Switch
B. Manual Switch, Lockout of Protection, Forced Switch, SD
C. Lookout of Protection, Forced Switch, SD, Manual Switch
D. Manual Switch, Forced Switch, Lockout of Protection, SD
E. SD, Lockout of Protection, Forced Switch, Manual Switch
F. None of the above

Correct Answer: C

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