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Exam Code: VCP550
Exam Name: VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization
Q&As: 267

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VCP550 dumps

Question No : 1  An administrator is planning a vSphere infrastructure with the following specific networking
•The ability to shape inbound (RX) traffic
•Support for Private VLANs (PVLANs)
•Support for LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol)
What is the minimum vSphere Edition that will support these requirements?
A. vSphere Essentials Plus
B. vSphere Standard
C. vSphere Enterprise
D. vSphere Enterprise Plus
VCP550 exam Answer: D
Question No : 2  What two IT infrastructure components are virtualized by vSphere Essentials? (Choose
A. Networks
B. Applications
C. Storage
D. Management
Answer: A,C
Question No : 3  An administrator attempts to install vCenter Single Sign-On Server. The installer returns an
error message indicating that the installation failed. Prior to the installation, all setup prerequisites were met. The administrator has generated a vCenter Server Single Sign-On support bundle.
Which two files should the administrator analyze to determine the cause of the failure?
(Choose two.)
A. Server\utils\logs\imsTrace.log
B. Server\utils\logs\install.txt
C. %TEMP%\utils\logs\vminst.log
D. %TEMP%\vminst.log
VCP550 dumps Answer: A,D
Question No : 4 Which Single Sign-On deployment mode should an administrator use for two 5.x vCenter
Servers configured with linked mode?
A. Basic Single Sign-On with vCenter Server Heartbeat
B. Multisite Single Sign-On
C. Basic Single Sign-On
D. Single Sign-On with Linked Mode
Answer: B
Question No : 5
VCP550 dumps

— Exhibit —
Which two statements below could explain why the vSphere Client is reporting N/A for
hyperthreading? (Choose two.)
The physical CPUs in the host do not support hyperthreading.

A. Hyperthreading is disabled in the host’s BIOS.
B. The physical CPUs in the host are not multi-core.
C. The number of CPUs meets or exceeds the maximum without hyperthreading.
VCP550 pdf Answer: A,B
Immediately after installing an ESXi host, an administrator needs to examine the following
log files:
Question No : 6 Which two connections would allow an administrator to examine these files? (Choose two.)
A. Connecting to the Direct Console User Interface
B. Attaching a vSphere Client directly to the ESXi host
C. Attaching the vSphere Web Client directly to the ESXi host
D. Attaching the vSphere Client to the vCenter Server managing the ESXi host
Answer: A,B
Question No : 7 An administrator is upgrading a vSphere Distributed Switch. The existing switch is version
5.0 and the administrator wants to upgrade to the latest version possible. The environment
contains several ESXi 5.1 hosts.
Which two options are available to ensure that the upgraded switch will be compatible with
these hosts? (Choose two.)
A. Upgrade the vSphere Distributed Switch to 5.5
B. Upgrade the ESXi 5.1 hosts to version 5.5, then upgrade the vSphere Distributed Switch
to 5.5
C. Upgrade the vSphere Distributed Switch to 5.1
D. Upgrade the ESXi host switches to 5.5, then upgrade the vSphere Distributed Switch to
VCP550 vce Answer: B,C
Question No : 8  To avoid unnecessary planned downtime, what is the minimum version of VMware Tools
that, if installed, will decrease the need for virtual machine reboots following VMware Tools
A. 5.5
B. 5.1
C. 5.0
D. 4.1
Answer: B
Question No : 9
Which two Identity Sources are available to add for vCenter Single Sign-On authentication?
(Choose two.)
A. LocalOS
C. NIS as an LDAP Server
VCP550 exam Answer: A,B
Question No : 10 Which VLAN configuration requires switch connectivity defined as an access port?
A. Private VLAN
B. External Switch Tagging
C. Virtual Guest Tagging
D. Virtual Switch Tagging
Answer: B
Question No : 11 An administrator needs to deploy several virtual machines. Storage contention between the
virtual machines should be managed by the VMkernel. Some of the virtual machines will
use MSCS and should be highly available across the ESXi 5.5 hosts.
Which two storage options meet these requirements? (Choose two.)
C. Fibre Channel
VCP550 dumps Answer: A,C
Question No : 12 Which two precautions should a vSphere administrator take before increasing the size of a
VMFS datastore? (Choose two.)
A. Unmount the datastore
B. Perform a rescan to ensure that all hosts see the most current storage
C. Quiesce I/O on all disks involved
D. Shut down all virtual machines stored in the datastore
Answer: B,C

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