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Reasoning Questions For IBPS Clerk Mains, Syndicate Bank PO, Canara Bank PO ,and ECGC PO Exam

(1-5)There are twelve persons A,B,C,D,E,P,Q,R,S,T,Y and  Z standing in a row facing north and south directions according to the give conditions.


 B sits at the extreme end of the line and facing south. P and E are adjacent to each other and one of them is an immediate neighbour of C and Both P and E face the same direction. Y sits fourth to A and sits second to R. R is not an immediate neighbour of B. immediate neighbours of Z face the same direction as Z. C sits fourth to B and sits third to the right of A. A is not an immediate neighbour of B. The number of persons between Y and A is equal to the number of persons between C and Z. Q and T are immediate neighbours. Immediate neighbours of Y face opposite directions. C faces north. S sits third to C. Immediate neighbours of S face the direction opposite to Y. There are only two adjacent persons facing the south direction and one of them is not Q. The number of persons between D and P is same as between E and S       

1. Who sits fourth to the right of Y?

A) None         B) Z         C) E       D) P          E) A

2. Who sits second to the right of P ?

A) T        B) C      C) B       D) Z       E) None

3.Find the one which is having the direction different from others ?

A) R        B) A        C) C       D) B           E) S
4. Four of the following are related in a way according to their arrangement. Find the one which does not belong to the group ?

A) ZP    B) CQ    C) QC     D) BQ      E) AR
5. If all are placed in alphabetical order from left to right.How many of them change their positions ?

A)  10       B) 9       C) 11       D) 7           E) None
Direction(6-10) : Study the information and answer the given questions :
In a certain code language-

'Worst Life Is Nice' is written as 'so ke gm dh'
'Is Worst Not Bad' is written as 'cg dh je gm'
'Face Worst Next Happy' is written as 'nk pk gm me'
'Next Day Not Face' is written as 'cg pk xe me'

6. Which of the following is the possible code for ' Not The Day Nice '?

A) cg pk xe cg     B) je cg pk gm    C) so mx pz cg      D) so mg mx cg     E) Can't be determined

7. What is the code for 'Day' in code language ?

A) me        B) pk        C) cg         D) xe         E) Can't be determined

8. What does code 'je' stand for in the code language ?

A) Nice     B) Worst     C) Bad        D) Not       E) is

 9. If  'worst No Life'  is coded as 'ke gm ac', then what is code for 'Never Nice Day ' ?

A) dx,pk,ke      B) dx,ke,so      C) dx,gm,xe        D) dx,so,xe      E) Can't be determined

10. What is code for 'Happy' in code language ?

A) gm   B) ke     C) nk     D) pk     E) None

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