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English Vocabulary with Example Sentences

1.Scuffle (N): Affray, Broil, Commotion, Small and Disorganized fight, Struggle 
Example : He resisted and run away during the scuffle.
Principal entered and saw the scuffle from afar. 

2. Reprieve (N): Abatement, Clearance, Pardon, Clemency 
Example : He won a reprieve from Islamabad High Court. 
He wins Rs.1cr reprieve in fight with his neighbor.

3. Tedious (Adj) :  Boring, Arid, Drab, Monotonous, Tiring 
Example : Processing supplier invoices is frustrating and tedious.

4. Tactical (Adj) : Clever, Calculated, Diplomatic, Prudent 
Example : The Indian army has been carrying out tactical operations to foil Pakistan army's support to terrorists.

5. Restive (Adj): Agitated, Balky, Nervous, Recalcitrant 
Example : 13 youths killed by armed forces in Senigal's restive region.

6.Coercive (Adj) : using force to persuade people, threats
Example: Coercive measures

7.Sleeve (N): the piece of cloth that covers some of the arm
Example: The sleeves are too long for him

8. Vigilantism (N) : law enforcement undertaken without legal authority
Example : The message here is not to encourage vigilantism.

9. Harangue (V) : long lecture, address, accost
Example: He harangued the public on their ignorance

10. Rhetoric (N) : The art of effective speaking or writing
Example: He was considered to excel in this form of rhetoric.

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