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English Quiz on Synonyms and Error Detection

Directions for Q.1-Q.5 : Find the Synonym of the given word

1. Vindicate
A) Convict
B) Clear
C) Incriminate
D) Disprove
E) None

2. Apoplexy
A) Anger
B) Continue
C) Callous
D) Ghastly
E) None

3. Chronic
A) Occasional
B) Mild
C) Persistent
D) Acute
E) None

4. Convex
A) Concave
B) Round
C) Swelling
D) Deceptive
E) None

5. Baroque
A) Plain
B) Ornate
C) Vintage
D) Interior
E) None

Directions for Q.6-Q.10 :  In the following questions, each statement has five parts. In those five parts, one part has an error. You have to choose the error part as your answer. If all parts are correct, you to choose No Error as your answer.

6. The Indian Army has been adopting (A)/ a "tough" approach in dealing with (B)/ ceasefire violations and terrorist activity (C)/ in Jammu and Kashmir in the last one year.(D)/ No Error (E)

7. China will fund construction (A)/ of an Afghan counter terrorism base (B)/ in Badaksham province to blocking (C)/ cross-border in filtration  of the entire Uyghur militants.(D)/ No Error (E)

8. Opposition parties have urged (A)/ the state government to immediately redress (B)/ the grievances of transport workers and bring an end (C)/ to their agitation, who has put the public to hardship.(D)/ No Error (E)

9. Space experts pointed (A)/ out the different range growth (B)/ depends on the every body's (C)/ difference physical responses.(D)/ No Error (E)

10. Ocean infinity's vessel carries eight autonomous (A)/ underwater vehicles that will scour the (B)/ seabed with scanning equipment for information (C)/ to be sent return back for analysis.(D)/ No Error (E)

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