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Daily Word list For IBPS Clerk Mains, Syndicate Bank PO, Canara Bank PO and ECGC PO Exams

1.Harmony: Agreement, Friendship, Arrangement parts, accord
Example : Three committees would work in harmony.

2. Vicinity: Locality, Nearness, Around, Environs, Neighborhood 
Example : They live in the vicinity of the dam.

3. Allay: Abate, Calm, Cool out, Decrease
Example : The  Bench said the step was taken to allay the fears of thousands of people.

4. Longevity: Durability, Endurance, Period, Duration of life
Example : The committee appointed the agency to study the longevity of the dam

5.Resentment: Pique, Irritation, Acerbity, the feeling of displeasure
Example : The face of Ramesh Darkened, and his eyes flashed with resentment.

6. Distress: Great pain, Anxiety, Ache, discomfort
Example: Union Budget to tackle rural distress

7. Exodus: Evacuation, Exit, Journey, withdrawal
Example : The Engineering college facing collapse because of an exodus of experienced teachers.

8. Hitherto: Until now, Up to this time, Attendant, Available
Example : Arjun know with what indifference, said my father, he has hitherto seen him.

9. Stumble: Careen, Fall, Err, Blunder, Slip, Mistake
Example : Stocks stumble as china shift rattles Global markets

10.Perennial: Chronic, Constant, Deathless, Eternal
Example : A perennial Plant lives for several years.

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