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current affairs quiz

Current affairs quiz for IBPS Clerk Mains, Syndicate Bank PO, Canara Bank PO and ECGC PO Exams

1. Karnataka state government would be obtaining electric vehicles under the central government's scheme FAME-India.  What is the full form of FAME? 

2 . Which state government bans bird care NGO's working under 'Karuna Abhiyan'  during Uttarayan festival? 

3. 18th meeting of the FSDC was held in New Delhi under the chairmanship of___________

4. Which  state government has baned the public display of weapons? 

5. Who flaged off Cargo Movement on Brahmaputra River in Assam? 

6. Assam CM Mr. Sarbananda Sonoran launched Skill Development training centers across the state. Who is the present  governor of Assam? 

7. Recently Sue Gratton passed away. She is a/an________

8. Which foreign international investment firm gets RBI nod to start India's 1st foreign owned Asset Reconstruction Company_______

9. Who won the Globe Soccer's best player award? 

10. NASA will launch the WFIRST in  the middle of 2020. What is the full form of WFIRST? 

11. Who won the world Rapid Chess Championship held in Riyadh? 

12. Chennai women breaked Guinness world record in Yoga marathon by performing the largest Yoga marathon. Who is The Chennai women?  

13. Which company has launched the India's first bitcoin trading app? 

14. Who has been named as PETA's person of the year? 

15. Robbie Malinga passed away recently. He is a/an___________

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